Getting Started with Windchill Extensions


PTC’s Windchill Extensions program, powered by Wincom is the Windchill “smartphone app store”:

  • Plug & play - no more waiting for a go live to install and configure extensions on your Windchill. Install and uninstall in seconds without restarting Windchill.

  • Full support - your configurations persist through upgrades. Following your Windchill update, simply install the versioned extension, and you’re up - no reapplying existing configurations.

  • Secure, IT-friendly architecture - the platform is based on a unique micro kernel that supplements the Windchill system. It enables your subscribed Windchill Extensions to be fully isolated from your Windchill service. Windchill Extensions use only digital signed software packages, ensuring all installed extensions are verified and secure.

Free Trials and Price Calculators

Windchill Extensions allow you to extend your core Windchill instance à la carte with new features and functions like watermarking, exporting, managing the change process or connecting to third-party systems.

You can explore each extension’s set of features by accessing its complete description, documentation, screen shots, and videos.

Once logged in with your PTC credentials, you can download free and trial extensions.

You can also use the built in price calculator to estimate approximate cost (per user or per site), ask for more details, or proceed to the purchase paid extensions on the interface itself.

Useful Links

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