Deploying/Undeploying a Windchill Extension


The extension can be installed without starting or stopping the server, however the Windchill Extensions Platform needs to be installed on your server. If you do not have the platform install please follow this guide


  • Download the extension from the Wex Center
  • Access you Windchill and go to Site, Extension Manager or via the Quick Links
  • User must be site admin or member of WexAdmin group
  • Click on the green plus, Install Extension
  • Choose the extension file you downloaded
  • Click Next, accept terms of license and click Finish
  • Confirm the extension is on the list of the installed extensions
  • No further action needed
  • No restart required



The file to install does not need to be present on the server and will be uploaded. It may be a .wex or a .wexb extension


The wizard to install will require the user to accept the license terms


Deployment via Command Line

Use the following command

windchill com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.commands.WexCommandLineExecutor -u wcadmin -p wcadmin -pid com.wincomplm.wex-deploy -cid deployfile -a -file pathtofile

Deployment via Extension Shell

An extension or many extensions can be installed using the command line

Place the .wexb file or files in this location


Then start the shell

From there run the deploy command




Granting extension manager rights

Typically a site admin is allowed to deploy and undeploy extensions however by creating a group called


Users can be add to this group and will have right for all actions in the extension manager.

Trouble shooting

Open folders

The O/S must not hold open any folder under the /wex area.

Corrupt xconf files

The xconf files must be correct and contain no syntax errors.

Run this command to check the consistency of the files:

xconfmanager -p

Undeploying Extensions

The undeploy can be done in three different ways.

Extension Manager

Go to your Windchill, log in as an administrator, and navigate to “Extension Manager” as you did on the deployment process.


In there you will be able to see all your installed extension at that moment. To undeploy one of them click on the red cross Action, accept the warning, and the extension will be removed from your system.

Command Line

windchill com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.commands.WexCommandLineExecutor -u wcadmin -p wcadmin -pid com.wincomplm.wex-deploy -cid undeploy -wexid [wexid]

The wexid is the author+id e.g. com.wincomplm.wex-myext

Wex shell

The wex shell allows the admin to see which wex extensions are currently installed and allows manipulation of these.

The following article will explain how to use the shell this

To undeploy use the udp command with the wex id as the argument.

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