Take a tour of the Windchill Extension Center [Unauthenticated]

Searching for an Extension

Access more information about the Windchill Extensions program is available here.


Search for specific extension in the Search menu or browse the Extensions available on a specific platform. file

The Extensions currently available for trial and purchase will show is color. The one sthta are not will appear with the label “Coming Soon”.

Requesting information on an Extension

Click on the Extension’s tile. The model shows an Overview, the full Documentation, Media attachments and a Request Info tab.

You can access a more detailed description by clicking on “More info…” in the Overview tab.


The Request Info tab allows to fill a form that will be submitted to PTC.


Downloading trial versions and purchasing the extensions are only available when lthe user is authenticated.

Log into the Windchill Extension Center

Log in through in the top banner


If you do not have an account, you can create one on PTC.com. file

Once authenticated, check the different steps you can take in this article.

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