[support] 00018 Performance Advisor threading bug troubleshooting

Author | Daniel Ruiz

Created | 21st February 2022

Version | 1.0

State | Released

Categories | [windchill] [utilities] [troubleshooting]


The goal of this article is to provide the reader with a fix for the threading issue in Windchill’s Performance Advisor.

Description of the issue

Wincom-generated threads pollute the Performance Advisor, making its information unreadable. These threads are a normal part of the extension platform operation and do not have any other adverse effects


Head to the Windchill Extension Center and download the Threading utility:


Follow this guide in order to deploy the extension. The fix might take some minutes to take effect, and you shouldn’t need to restart the server after deploying.

Note: this is a system extension and will only appear if you enable those. Note: this will be fixed OOTB on Windchill 12.1.1

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Published date: 21/02/2022 12:05PM
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