Removing the Windchill Extension Platform

Using the Platform Removal Tool

Download the platform removal tool from the Winchill Extension Center available here.

Login with your PTC support email and password, make sure to select the appropriate Windchill version and click Manage Platform. The removal tool is found at the bottom of the page.

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Uninstall all the extensions using the manager before running this tool

The removal tool is run with the same command as the installer


Ensure the wex folder is removed from Windchill.  If not, manually remove it. You may have to close any open processes such as the Wex Shell.

Manual removal

  1. Undeploy all extensions using the wex shell (except the kernel)

  2. Remove this line from declarations.xconf

    <ConfigurationRef xlink:href="wex/packages/com.wincomplm/wex-kernel/wex.xconf"/>

  3. From a Windchill shell run

    xconfmanager -p

  4. Remove the following file


  5. Remove the wex-kernel.jar from codebase/WEB-INF/lib area

  6. Remove the entire wex directory from Windchill home directory

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