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Name Description
Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-google-workspace
Name Google Workspace Connect
Version 1.0


This new extension allows you to seamlessly store and edit Google Documents from your Windchill system. It will automatically create PDFs as representations. It supports Google Sheets, Docs, Slides and allows you to manage them completely within your workflows and processes.


  • Adds the option to open a document in Google Editor through Windchill
  • Provides Configuration Options for Google API and Google drive for ease of use
  • Provides multiple actions for Documents Opened in Google Editor
    • Open in Info Page
    • Checkout
    • Checkin
    • Undo Checkout
    • Revert
    • Upload

User Guide

This extension allows the communication between Windchill and Google Workspace.

Windchill to Google Workspace

Users can can access the documents they have on Windchill through the icon below:


Or through the Document actions:


Google Workspace to Windchill

The documents can be modified in Google Workspace and when the changes are completed the user can transfer everything back to Windchill.

To do so, the user must go to Windchill Connector and Show actions:


This will open a new Window with all the available actions he can perform:


Admin Guide

Creating API Key & OAuth 2.0 Client ID

Go to

Create a project (With Windchill Client as name for example)

Go to API & Service then Credentials

Create an API Key

Replace the domain with your Windchill Domain


Create a Client ID

Replace the domain with your Windchill Domain


Use this information in the Extension configuration (See below)



Option Description
API Key API Key for the Google Workspace
Client ID Client ID
Working Folder A working folder of Google Drive
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