Windchill Extensions Beta Program


The beta program gives customers access to early releases of the extensions. We do this as extensions are constantly being improved and have a high frequency release cycle and we want to have early feedback. Customers can request to be a beta tester and at this point will have access to all betas as they are released and will be on a email list to be advised as new betas become available.


Note: Betas may not be deployed to production systems

What do I get as a beta tester?

  • Get access to betas before official release
  • Give feedback to get your feature added
  • Help give direction for new releases

New features

When a customer requests an additional feature on an existing extension and it is approved

  • Wincom adds the feature to a beta version of the extension
  • The extension goes through our QA system and is fully tested
  • The beta version becomes available on the Windchill Extension center

We want to make sure that the feature is exactly what you requested before making it available to all our customer base. We invite you to download and install this beta, and if it is compliant with your requirements we will release a new version of the extension, after another test cycle, including this functionality for all our customers. You can then install the released features in production.


The beta program gives access to new features that are still being tested and have an increased probability of encountering errors compared to the release version.

Request to become a beta tester

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