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Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-comp-matrix
Name Component Matrix
Version 1.5


The Multi-Component Matrix extends the Windchill BOM Management module, adding another option for comparing Part Structures (BOM’s).
It enables a user to select two or more BOM’s to compare what Parts make up those structures.
The user can compare by Usage or Occurrence, allowing them to quickly scan to see differences.


  • Select two or more BOM’s to compare. BOM’s can be further added or removed from the Multi-Component Matrix view.
  • Compare the BOM’s using Usage or Occurrence mode. This provides a simplified list showing the Parts and the level they are at as an aggregated list across all of the BOMs selected
  • Both modes have a the ability to filter the view to just show Differences
  • In Usage mode users can see BOM details including Quantity, Line Number, Find Number and Unit of Measure
  • Occurrence mode uses Reference Designator for alignment and is particularly suited for comparisons of designs such as Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) to understand differences of similar designs.
  • Data can be Exported in Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF format

User Guide


The tools is designed to compare the latest BoM of a number of part structures.


The tool will be available for all users, from the following menus





Compare Tool

The interface will appear as follows

Occurrence Mode


The items selected in the left panel and the occurrences in the right.

The tool uses a uniqueness to search each structure for items and compares items that share the following uniqueness

Reference Designator - Level - Number

Then if all matching lines are the same the Difference column is empty, or it not a Delta symbol will appear.

Each part show a tick or a dash if we have this uniqueness found in this structure.

By selecting the show only difference only items with deltas will be shown


Usage Mode

By selected the mode icon


The tools will change to the Usage Mode

This mode with show data associated in the link data held that forms the structure

  • Quantity
  • Unit of Measure
  • Line Number
  • Find Number


What is display can be adjusted in the settings menu


Alignment and uniqueness in Usage mode

The uniqueness in usage mode is as follows

Level - Number

However an alignment parameter can be optionally set as a prefix, either Line Number or Find Number

Part List

The list UI is used to control the list of parts and which ones are active


Exporting the data

Either table can be exported using the menus, into 4 formats


Administrator Guide


The default state mode of the launch can be set by an administrator in the configuration of the extension


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