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Name Watermark Starter
Version 3.3
ID wex-watermark


This extension allows a watermark to be superimposed on any PDF in the system. The extension provides the ability to add, update and remove a watermark through a user interface. This article provides more background information.

The watermark will contain text only. It uses a vector format meaning that watermarks are designed for a paper ratio, ensuring that the watermark will scale to match the source page size. The document is watermarked using a local service (Check the Administrator Guide section). In this free version, one template is available that watermarks the state and a copyright information, and the size of the PDF is limited to 20Mb.

Check the Watermark Advanced for extended features.


  • Adds a watermark to a single PDF. Watermark can be updated and removed.
  • Can be in a document, drawing or associated part
  • Supports all paper sizes
  • Uses 1 standard template to add the state and copyright information

User Guide

User Interface

The following objects are supported

  • CAD
  • Parts (through association)
  • Documents (Primary and representations)

Each of the above objects may reference a PDF either directly or via links to associated objects e.g. Part - CAD - Drawing

If a PDF is available a new menu will appear (This menu may be restricted to only appear for admin users)


Note the object must have a PDF associated or the menu will not appear.

This menu will show the following screen


This screen allows the to either

  • Download - Download directly a watermarked version of the document
  • Overwrite Content - Update the PDF within the system with a watermarked version
  • Remove - Remove the watermark from the PDF

Administrator Guide

This guide is used to configure the watermarking.

Service Configuration

As mentioned before, this version uses an internal service to watermark. On Windows no further configuration is required, however for a Linux server such as Red Hat the rsvg-convert must be locally installed.

It can be installed with the following command (or equivalent)

sudo yum install librsvg2-tools

Installing new templates

Service templates can be installed as a new extension. Please request this from your Windchill agent.

To create a new loadable template please follow this guide.


The special keys to send to the engine.


However in some templates other keys may be available. For example the template “Splashes, Headers and Footers” the following are available

Key Value
footer key:footer|color|size
footer1 key:footer1|color
header key:header|color|size
header1 key:header1|color|size
splash key:splash|color|size
splash1 key:splash1|color|size
headercolor #000000
header1color #000000
splashcolor #ff0000
splash1color #000000
footercolor #000000
footer1color #000000
headersize 3px
header1size 8px
splashsize 25px
splash1size 18px
footersize 3px
footer1size 8px
headeropacity 1
header1opacity 1
splashopacity 0.25
splash1opacity 0.25
footeropacity 1
footer1opacity 1

The associated template is as follows


User Interface

This controls if the watermark UI will be made available to non-admin users. file

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