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Name Description
Name Watermark Manager
Version 3.9
ID wex-watermark-manager


Watermark Manager allows users to easily implement templates for documents, giving more customisation and options for different templates. Users can create, update and delete their own templates. The extension uses .SVG files either separate or in a .ZIP file.

Admin Guide

Watermark Manager

Once you have installed Watermark Manager, make sure to reload menus in diagnostics and refresh browser.

Access to the Watermark Manager is found in quick links of Windchill in the top right of the screen.


The Manager lists the templates that are installed and what actions the user can take such as downloading, uploading or deleting templates. As well as where the templates have come from, either an extension or from the server itself.


Standard, Basic and CUI Template Extensions

These extensions come with Watermark to provide samples that can be configured in Watermark Advanced.

  • Basic - 45 degrees centered state and a footer line at the bottom of the page.
  • Standard - 3 templates in Standard: 1. Page Numbering 2. Two 45 degrees splash and header and footer. 3. Two 45 degrees splash and 2 headers and footers.
  • CUI - CUI Template.

Creating Template

Creating a new template can be done by clicking New Template and entering the ID (Used to help the user identify which template it is), Name and Description.


Once a template is created it can be updated with templates from .zip or .svg from the actions column. These can be created as an .svg file and updated, it is suggested the use of an svg editor such as Inkscape

Note: The .svg file must be named as the correct paper size in millimeters, width_length (Eg: 210_297.svg)


Note: Uploading a zip will remove all other svgs from the template. Uploading an svg will simply add or update the existing svg with the same name.

When a document is watermarked, if there are multiple svg files for a template, it will choose the closest size available to use as the watermark template.

Template Actions

In the actions column, users can download a copy of the template, update the template with .svg or .zip files, edit the ID, name and description fields, delete the template or export as a WEX (Requires IX Extension).



Exporting a template is done by the creation of a new signed extension that can be used to deploy the extension onto a final production server in a controlled manner.

Please note the export is managed by the IX extension that will be automatically installed

Exporting a created template requires the fields:

  • Template ID (Note: This MUST be unique, templates cannot have the same ID)
  • Group ID
  • Extension ID (This must always start with “wex-watermark-template-” for example wex-watermark-template-pagenumbering)
  • Extension Display Name
  • Version file


All watermarking actions are logged within the Watermark Manager Logs tab. file

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