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Name Description
Name SiliconExpert
Version 1.13
ID wex-siliconexpert-sync


This extension allows a user to synchronize parts with the SiliconExpert database. The extension allows for single or multiple parts to be synced using menu actions or workflows. It can be initiated from a part, a folder page or a search. The seed object is a Part or a SuMa manufacurer part.

A SiliconExport API login is required,


  • Communicates with the SiliconExpert APi
  • Manages the synchronization of attribute data
  • Mapping management
  • Sync single Part using menu action
  • Sync multiple parts using menu action
  • Sync parts contained in Promotion Request or Baseline object using workflows
  • Last update stored

User Guide


Available Action

Single SuMa Part Synchronization

A new menu action for Manufacturer Parts ‘Synchronize SuMa Part’ will pop up a window with a single button.


The seed object can be a part of a SuMa manufacturer part. If the seed is a part, all its associated SuMa parts are used as as the see


The following table will be displayed.


For each item the is a row for each attribute that is configured to be mapped.

The headings represent represent the following

  • Number - The part number (will be the SuMa part if no CPN was selected)
  • Com ID - The unique ID using the in the SiliconExpert database
  • Manufacturer - The manufacturer as defined in Windchill
  • Manufacturer Number - The manufacturer number as defined in Windchill
  • Attribute - The soft attribute defined in Windchill
  • Value - The current value held in Windchill
  • Sync Value - The value returned by SiliconExport
  • Icon - This will show if the Com ID is set of the state of the value vs. the sync value
  • Message - Information on the result of the last operation
  • Last Sync - The date and time of the last update of the part using sync

In this case the part have not been sychronized previously. This can been seen as the Com ID is not set

The first action is to Check values.

This will perform the following actions

  1. If the Com ID is not set a query will be sent using the manufacturer data to query for this and set it if found
  2. The Com ID is then used to query all the data based on the mapping (no changes are made)


This above result show that 1 part was not found in the SiliconExpert database, thus not Com ID could be retrieved. In the case more that 1 id is found an error will be shown and the data must be altered to establish a unique hit or the user can add the Com ID manually by updating the part in Windchill.

The other results show a valid part that was found. The Value is compared with the Sync Value and the icon show if it is equal of not equal.

The next action can be Set values

  1. If any part has difference the part will be checked out (if it is not already checked out)
  2. All attribute will be updated
  3. The part will be updated and checked in if it was checked out by this operation


Note: For a large number of parts this operation may take some time.

A Set values may be executed without a Check values this will first perform the check e.g. get the Com ID if required, and then the set will be executed.

Multi SuMa Parts Synchronization

A new menu action is contained in the folder actions drop down. A table will show of the parts you selected and their associated parts


Search Parts Synchronization

By searching for either SuMa parts directly or parts that have SuMa associated the user can select a number of parts from Windchill


By adding a search criteria, e.g. Last Sync > 1 month a search can be done to manually update a set of parts

Workflow Part Synchronization

A workflow robot has been created to Sync parts contained in a Promotion Request

com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.api.invoke.WexInvoker.invoke("com.wincomplm.wex-siliconexpert-sync","se-sync-workflow.syncFromPromotion", self);

or a Change

com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.api.invoke.WexInvoker.invoke("com.wincomplm.wex-siliconexpert-sync","se-sync-workflow.syncFromChangeNotice", self, boolean includeAffected, boolean includeResulting);

These calls will return a string with details of the operation performed

  • Total
  • Updated
  • Not Found
  • Failed
  • Warning

Administrator Guide


To enable the Windchill server to connect the remote server the SSL Certifcate needs to be installed

Download the SSL Certify Extension and register this server


The extension can be configured with the following options


This is the login credentials for your SiliconExpert access



  • ID xPath - The xpath to get the Com ID
  • Login URL - The request to login to the SiliconExport database
  • Request URL - The URL to get the Com ID
  • Unique ID URL - URL to set the part data


Data Mapping

These config options control how data from Silicon Expert is synced with your parts.

Here are some example custom attributes on a Manufacturing Part. file The soft attributes used to hold the Com Id (String) and the Last Sync (Date)

The other attributes and there xPath mapping

The xPath prefix is the root prefixed to all mappings


The Part Attribute Mapping section maps custom attributes to data returned by SE.

Here is an example XML returned from SE. (Check user guide to see how to see SE XML for part) file

Looking at the first entry when syncing values Estimated EOL Date will be updated with the value in the XML at this location


In the example XML above this would update the attribute Estimated EOL Date with “0.5”

Silicon Expert Sync also supports updating multi value attributes.

/ServiceResult/Results/ResultDto/CountriesOfOrigin/CountryOfOrigin will update the CountryOfOrigin attribute with China, Japan, Philippines

Note the attribute mapping is doing via a XPath query language giving a high level control


The Windchill Administrator can configure the extension to perform the requests through a Proxy server. It is Adviced to the Windchill Administrator to set valid SE API credentials and test the requests to be made, before modifying this options, using the SuMa Synch Diagnostics included in this WEX

If the target Proxy server has been properly set up to handle the outbound connections in the machine that holds the Windchill Server, be aware that No further configuration is needed You can ignore these configuration options.
The certificates of the Proxy server must be trusted by the JVM in order to connect properly.

In order to Enable the communication via Proxy Server the following options need to be adjusted.

  • Access trough a Proxy

  • Authentication for Proxy required

  • Proxy authentication password (if required)

  • Proxy authentication username (if required)

  • Proxy connection Host (required if “Access trough a Proxy” is set to Yes)

  • Proxy connection Port (required if “Access trough a Proxy” is set to Yes)

  • Proxy Connection Type

    (Suported types:

    • HTTP
    • SOCKS
    • DIRECT) file


If a group is selected only user in this group and admins have access



This ensures the data returned is valid


Example Configuration

The SuMa part soft type configuration




The following attributes are mandatory:

  • Comm ID = String
  • Last Sync = Time and Date
  • Datasheet = URL
  • Estimated EoL = String
  • RoHSStatus = String


A full diagnostics tools is provide to assist with the configuraiton


The diagnostic tools will make live queries against the database and allow xPath expressions to be tested on the returned XML data


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