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Name Description
Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-repeimport
Name Representation Import
Version 1.5


Typically, representations are created by a publisher. However, in certain cases it is useful to manually import representations. The user can select a file and import it using a new user interface, where it will be added as a new presentation to the object. A bulk import is also available to import a number of representations simultaneously.


  • Import files as representations to objects in Windchill
  • Ability to set the representation name and description.
  • Toggle whether representation is default and republishable.
  • Option to create EDZ with representation
  • Allows upload of zip files

User Guide

Menu Actions

A menu action ‘Import Representation’ is available for Documents, Parts and CAD Documents. Here you will be able to upload a file and specify a representation name, description. Check markers are also available to configure if the representation is default, republishable or create an EDZ.


The import wizard will appear


Admin Guide


If a group is selected the users in this group will be able to import representation otherwise only org and site admins are permitted


Windchill shell command

The extension also provides a command. In a windchill shell paste the following command, where -u is the windchill user and -p is the password:

windchill com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.commands.WexCommandLineExecutor -u wcadmin -p wcadmin -pid com.wincomplm.wex-repimport -cid repimport-test

The command will then prompt you for an oid of a an Object

For example:


and the file location of the representation to import


* Initial release
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