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Name Description
Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-repexport
Name Representation Export
Version 1.21


The objective of this extension is to allow for the export of published representations of an object quickly and easily. The export can be executed for a single or a collection of objects through the User Interface, triggered by an event or using a workflow robot. In addition the export is available from the search results.

The results of the export will either be saved to a folder on the server or presented as a direct download to the user. A single XML meta data file will also be generated for each exported representation which includes attributes of the representation and its representable. The behaviour of the export can be configured by the administrator through the use of configurable options.


  • Exports the Representations from 1 or more objects
  • Supports Promotion Request and Change Objects
  • Exports XML meta data file for each Representation.
  • Export results can be saved to a server location or downloaded locally as a zip
  • Provides two workflow robots for triggering export for a Promotion Request or a Change Notice.
  • Adds a “Representation Export” UI Actions to the menus and search results
  • Adds Event Listener for Set State Event on Change Notices and Promotion Requests.
  • Can be fully configured by the Administrator

User Guide

Available Triggers

UI Action button

To trigger a manual export for a specific Representable or a collection (list of Promotables or Affected and Resulting list) of Representables navigate to the seed object, open the Actions dropdown or right click on the object and press Representation Export.



The export will produce a new wizard with summary of the export including the export method (direct download or export to server location), overall export status as well as the number and status for each individual representable and a message in case there was an export failure. If the export method is direct download the user will be presented with a download pop up once they click OK on the Summary wizard.


Workflow robots

There are two available robots that can be included in the process, based on the type of the primary business object.

  • Promotion Request as the primary business object

    com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.api.invoke.WexInvoker.invoke("com.wincomplm.wex-repexport", "rep-export-workflow.exportFromPromotables", WfProcess self);
  • Change Notice as the primary business object

    com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.api.invoke.WexInvoker.invoke("com.wincomplm.wex-repexport", "rep-export-workflow.exportFromChangeNotice", WfProcess self, boolean includeAffected, boolean includeResulting);

Note: When using plus the wex id would be com.wincomplm.wex-repexport-plus

A typical implementation could be added as follows


Set state event listener

Upon setting the state of a Change Notice or Promotion Request an event listener will be triggered which will use the object as a seed.


Export Results

The exported files are always the representations associated with each representable passed to the extension. An XML metadata file may also be included for each exported representation. If the extension has been configured to save the results to a server location the final destination of the exported files will be a predefined server folder and can further vary based on whether the seed was a single representable or a collection.

If the extension has been configured to allow the user to directly download the results locally instead, a temp zip file will be created on the server which will then be passed to the user for download. This zip will be deleted the next time the Method server is stopped.


If the resulting representation export file has the same name as another file in the destination folder it will overwrite it.

Single Representable Export

Will result in the export of all representations with the configured valid extensions and will be situated in a preconfigured server location. Optionally, an XML metadata file can also be exported in the same location for each representation. The XML file and its associated representation will share the same base file name with only their extensions being different.



Collection Export

When passed a Promotion Request or a Change Notice the extension will run the Single Representation export for each representation found in the list of Promotables or the Affected and Resulting objects of all associated Change Tasks respectively.

The resulting files will be situated in a folder or zip file inside the preconfigured server location. The name of the additional folder or zip will reflect the collection type and can also be configured.




Administrator Guide



This option only exports what is in the collection and will not navigate link e.g. CAD to Drawing


Export Configuration


Option Description
Download through browser Whether to download export results as single zip through browser or write it to a server location
Export collection as zip Exports Representables from Promotion Requests or Change notices as a single zip instead of a folder
Export only latest Drawing Exports only the latest version of drawings. If the latest version does not have content, nothing will be exported
Export XML metadata file Exports an XML metadata file for each exported representation
Filter Representations By the CAD Document Number If there are more than one drawings with representations attached, export the one that has the same Number as the CAD Document
Format for the name of the exported files Structured as a combination of available options (Representable number, version, type and Representation filename). Can be ordered differently.
Format for the name of the exported folder or zip Name of folder or zip, generated when exporting a Promotion Request or Change Notice. structured as combination of available options (Collection number, version, type)
Path to export location Base server location to which all files, folder or zips would be exported
Remove Duplicate files Remove files from the same Promotion Notice or change Order that have the same Content. The No Duplication Algorithm that is used, sorts the object based on their type (CAD Documents, WTDocuments, WTParts…) and removes the duplication based on which has higher priority. The algorithm is using this order:

“Drawing – Assemblies – CAD Documents – WTPart/WTDocuments”. So if both the drawing and the WTPart of a promotion notice have the same representation attached and remove duplication is enabled the exported representation that should appear is the one from the drawing. | Unzip contents | Unzip contents and export valid objects. | Valid export states of Drawings | States for which the drawing will be exported. If values are set here, the latest drawing that fits the criteria will be exported. If no drawing fits the criteria, nothing will be exported.

Export Targets


Option Description
Valid export collection types List of valid collection types (Promotion Request and Change Notice). If list is left empty, nothing will be exported
Valid export seed types List of valid single export seed types (CAD Document, WTDocument, WTPart). If left empty, nothing will be exported
Valid representation extensions List of valid representation extensions. If left empty, nothing will be exported


These are the triggers on the state change


Option Description
Listener objects-states trigger map Pairs of object type and list of life cycle states that would trigger the event listener, blank by default. If left blank the listener will not fire

UI Access

If a group is selected only these used and admins will see the UI option to export


Restricts when the menu will appear


Before export each item will be sent to be watermarked. By default this will use the settings of Watermark Advanced however a customer template can be set in the configuration


Important: This feature requires Watermarking Advanced to be installed

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