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Name Quick Access
Version 1.0
ID wex-quickaccess-adv


An application that displays the representations of a Cad on the info page, with the abilty to have custom icons and download with one click.


  • Ability to download/view representations from the info page of a cad
  • Upload custom icons for each file type

User Guide

After installing this extension, Infopage for Cads will display an additional component called Quick Icon Files


Download Representations

The main point of this extension is to provide an easy access to the different representations of an object. To download a representation you only need to click on the icon that represents the desired representation type.

Admin Guide

Quick Icon

The extension uses the internal filename of each representation to describe the representation type. Depending on the representation type, the filename will contain a set of keys that identify different attributes of the representation.


Besides the additional component in the Cad information page, the extension also provides with additional column views that can be inserted into any table in Windchill by customizing the Tableview.


The result of adding this two columns to the Table is the following:



The extension provides the following settings:


The size of the icon that are displayed in the Information Page for an Cad can be modified throught this setting:


Valid File Extensions

This config option is a list of file extensions that the program will display, if the list is empty then all files will be displayed. Setting ‘Display invalid representations’ to true will show extensions that are not included on this list.


Icon Maping

The administrator may choose what filename patterns match an Icon. The filename patterns are processed from longest to shortest, independently of the order you see them in the settings page.

The program will fist check for complete matches

It also supports the use of REGEX, to define regex rules the regex must be contained within REGEX(example)

Wildcards are also supported to match file names

For regex and wildcards if multiple matches are found then the longest match will be selected


Adding Images

It is possible to upload your own custom icons, this can be done by navigating to the site level -> folders -> wex -> img, open the document named wex-quickaccess-adv-imageholder, the images are stored in the attachements. If you do not have access to the site level you can create a document anywhere with the name wex-quickaccess-adv-imageholder and upload your icons to the attachments.

Display invalid representations

Based on the mapping choosen for the setting above, some files may not be mapped to a given icon. You can choose to display those icons in the UI with a default “unknown icon”, or to not display them at all.


Example with “Display unresolved representation” set as ‘No’:


Example with “Display unresolved representation” set as ‘Yes’:


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