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Name Description
Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-promote + com.wincomplm.wex-promote-adv
Name Promotion Validate + Plus
Version 1.8 + 1.11


This extension prevents the creation of a new promotion if selected business rules are not valid.

Promotions can be easily started by users and typically contain various different object types such as CAD and Parts. In many companies these objects must be promoted together or must be in a specific uniform state. This extension tests a number of rules (selected by the administrator) that must be valid before a promotion is permitted to start.

This is a new step added to the user interface that gives immediate feedback to the users so they may correct the issue.


  • Adds a new step to the Promotion Validator creation.
  • Ensures preconfigured rules are passed.
  • Promotion may not be started unless the rules are passed.
  • Validators give visual and textual feedback to the users.

Advanced only

  • Custom java validators
  • Business Rules Framework

User Guide

Promotion UI

The extension adds a new step to the promotion wizard. This step is only visible if there is at least one validator is enabled by the administrators. The user is not allowed to submit the promotion unless all of the validators have passed.


Promotion Validation Rules

There are eleven validators provided:

  1. PartHasCAD - The promotion must include all the CAD documents associated with the parts
  2. CADHasPart - The promotion must include all the parts associated with CAD documents
  3. SameState - All the items in the promotion must begin in the same state
  4. VetoState - Prevent the promotion of any items in the states in the ‘Veto states list’ config
  5. SameRevision - Items in the promotion with the same base number (no extension) must have the same revision
  6. TransitionDefined - The lifecycle state must have transition specified in the ‘Transition’ config defined
  7. CheckedOut - None of the seed items can be checked out, not just the items selected for promotion
  8. ClassExists - The parts must have a non-empty value of the attribute defined in the ‘Classification’ config
  9. SingleValuedAttr - The attributes should match the values in the ‘Valid attribute values’ if defined on the object type
  10. CheckCADState - Promoted CAD document’s associated CAD parts must be in valid lifecycle states - see Invalid states map
  11. CheckPartState - Promoted Part BOM children must be in valid lifecycle states - see Invalid states map
  12. CheckStructureState - Promoted Part BOM children must match parent state or be in a more mature state or be in the promotion

Each are configurable by the administrator to be active.

The system will execute all enabled rules in sequence, and give a visual indicator if a rule has passed or failed. One or more rule may fail and each will be detailed in the user interface. The administrator may configure the rules to match the requirements of the system e.g valid in work states If the rule has failed the user will be given precise information on the business objects affected and will be able to make any corrections required.


There are several configuration options to fine-tune the running of the validators.

  • Validator list - List of validators to run on promotions
  • Classification IBA - The internal name of the attribute used to hold classifications
  • Date format - Date format to use for the promotion created date
  • Transition - The transition to be checked
  • Veto state list - Prevent the promotion of any items in these states
  • Base number check - Enable check between the base numbers (no extension) of CAD and Part to choose valid associations
  • CAD Ignore States - Ojects in these states will be ignored by the by the ‘PartHasCAD’ and ‘CADHasPart’ validators
  • Excluded extensions - CAD extensions (e.g. drw, prt) excluded by the ‘PartHasCAD’ and ‘CADHasPart’ validators
  • Excluded soft types - CAD soft types excluded by the by the ‘PartHasCAD’ and ‘CADHasPart’ validators
  • Fail on no association - Related to the Part and CAD association validators - will fail if no associated CAD or Part exists, respectively
  • Check valid state for target - Check if the states of promotables are valid for the promotion target
  • Check drawings state - Check if the states of related drawings are valid for promotion
  • Check CAD references state - Check if the states of references of CAD documents are valid for promotion
  • Check out valid classes - Related to the Check Out validator - Valid classes to check
  • Valid attribute values - Related to the Single valued attribute validator - valid attribute-value pairs
  • Invalid states map - Related to the Check Part State and Check CAD State validators - key is a target state, and value is a list of invalid source states


Validator specific configuration

CheckStructureState - Promoted Part BOM children must match parent or be in the promotion


Advanced Features

Using business rules, these may be selected to be used as validators


A new class can be created that must follow a specific signature. It will be passed the Promotion Notice ( wt.maturity.PromotionNotice) and return a Collection


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