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Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-load
Name Load
Version 1.4


  • Scan all installed extensions for loadable resources
  • Allows to load resources into Windchill
  • Supports both business data and configuration


This is an extension that loads data and configurations into your Windchill system in a controlled and repeatable manner. It ensures that data to be loaded is tightly controlled and can be reloaded onto various systems, allowing multiple environments to be configured seamlessly.

It uses standard PTC loading mechanisms to perform the load. Using the Extension Developer Kit the configuration team can create a new extension which contains all the data to be loaded, this “data-only extension” can be deployed into the system to load the contained resources. This can be done for on premise or cloud environments without ever requiring access to the server itself.

This extension is also used to load demo and examples for standard extensions.

User Guide

Access the UI here

The extension loads resources into windchill from other installed extensions.

The resources can be documents, parts, soft types … etc, The user can select which extension to load resources from by selecting the extension in the dropdown. After selecting the extension the user can click on ´show resources´. This will load a table with all the resources contained in the selected extension. The user can then click on the load button to load the resource in the corresponding row. The load output section will then display


If an error occurs, information will be displayed and logs can be downloaded

Admin Guide

Resources have to follow a specific format in order to be loaded, the application used the ´wt.load.LoadFromFile´ api to load the files

They must be in a zip held in the following location

resources/load/[wc version] 


or for a file that is valid on all versions


The format should be as follows

  • Each resource should be a separate zip archive

  • It should contain an xml file to be loaded, a CONTENTS folder containing additional content and an meta.xml file

  • the meta file contains meta data about the resource to load

    • should contain the name of the file to be loaded
    • should contain the Windchill container where the object will be loaded in

Release Notes


Security fix for XSS issues


Minor improvements

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