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Name Excel Loader
Version 1.2
ID wex-excel-loader


Excel Loader allow fast loading of small data sets. It supports documents and content and will be expanded to support other types in the future.


  • Flexible Excel import process that sends data to Windchill
  • Excel mapping
  • Loading of primary content and attachements
  • Loads different document subtypes
  • Loads document attributes
  • Allows mapping of Revisions

User Guide

Running the loader

The loader is available to all users from the Quick Link menu within Windchill:

The following interface appears:

To upload the file drop a .zip file into the window and if the upload is successful the following message will appear:


An example load file can be found here (this is compatible with a standard Windchill Demo setup)

Configuring a load file

The load file is a zip that must contain import.xlsx at the root level

import.xlsx - Contains the meta data of the documents to be created (The sheet name MUST be Documents) mapping.xlsx - Contains the mapping of the column headings to business data. Note: Excel Loader contains a default mapping to use, however the mapping.xlsx can be included in the .zip to override this. (The sheet name MUST be Mapping)

Simple example import.xls

Example mapping.xlsx

Examples are available to download from the interface:

Adding file content

The content must be contained within the same zip file and must be referenced by a relative path specified in the excel file

Revision mapping

When mapping revisions, the $NEXT key can be used to push to the next available revision, in the example above it will push Excel-Load-Test3 to F.


You cannot go back to previous revisions using this extension. If you try to go back to a previous revision using this extension it will show the following error: file

If you have not specified the revision but the document already exists within Windchill it will show the following error: file You must provide a revision for a document already existing within Windchill.

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