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Name Emulate 3D Connect
Version 1.0
ID wex-e3d-connect


Emulate 3D is a Rockwell Automation Suite providing a Dynamic Digital Twin of the factory production lines for virtual commissioning, throughput simulation, and industrial demonstration.

This extension allows the complete set of data generated in Emulate 3D to be fully managed in Windchill. Files of the project can be directly managed within Windchill and it enables Emulate 3D models and information to be available throughout the enterprise. The data in Windchill becomes access controlled and can be lifecycle managed with approvals, history and versioning.


  • Ability to check-in Emulate 3D projects into Windchill
  • Ability to get all projects from Windchill and display them as a list inside Emulate 3D
  • Augment the Emulate 3D UI to allow to open a specific project located in Windchill
  • Automatic detection of existing projects into Windchill and version updating on check-in
  • Configuration UI inside Emulate 3D to configure the Windchill connection
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