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Name Document Export
Version 1.2
ID wex-document-export


Document Export extends Windchill’s Document Management module by dynamically exporting documents to an external location. This extension can export both content and metadata. Document Export is typically used to feed external tools that distribute documents to a wider audience outside of the PLM environment.


  • Exports document content and metadata to an external drive
  • Updates the data dynamically, triggered on the maturity level state change
  • For each document, exports file content and a single XML file
  • Configurable to delete files if the document changes state or is deleted
  • Configurable to export only documents with specified attributes

User Guide

Export Operation

The basic function of this extension is to Export data related to a Document to an external file system, including a network drive. This Export is done by fetching the relevant data and meta data.

  • This Export operation to a server is performed through a process queue.
  • Both types of exports are triggered by a state change.
  • The type of Export to be used is configured by the Administrator.
  • It is possible for a Site or Organization admin to manually trigger the export through the action menu
  • Alongside the files that are configured to be exported is an xml file. This file will contain meta data about the export operation.
  • The Export files are bundled in a .zip archive that will have as it’s name



Display Export Logs

Any user that is a Site or Organization administrator will have access to the Export logs. The logs are available through a button situated in the Quick Links menu.

The logs will contain the name, number and version of the Document that triggered the Export alongside the time of the operation and whether it succeeded or failed.


Admin Guide

Process Queue

As the Export operation to a server is done through a process queue the administrator will need to create one for the extension to work properly.

The process queue will need to be named WexDCEQueue

Manual export

Administrator can export manually from the menu of the document




Each export is logged in the database, once this grows too large the data is archived


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