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Change Validate extends Windchill’s Change Management module by checking a set of predefined validators before a user may start a change notice. If one or more rule fails, the extension prompts the user with the details of the failed rule(s). The user resolves the failures and re-runs the validator. Windchill will start the Change Notice when all the rules pass. Change Validate provides organizations with user-friendly and efficient enforcement of change rules. This improves change quality and reduces downstream rework. Change Validate includes 8 validators (Note: The Engineering Plus Bundle’s “Change Validate Plus” supports using Windchill business rules as additional validators).


  • Windchill administrator selects the rules to apply.
  • Validator ensures the rules are passed before starting the change notice.
  • Validators give visual and textual feedback to the users.

Promotion UI

The extension adds a new step to the promotion wizard. This step is only visible if there is at least one validator is enabled by the administrators. The user is not allowed to submit the change unless all of the validators have passed.

Change Validation Rules

There are 9 validators provided. The administrator selects which ones to activate:

  1. Include all CAD documents associated with the parts

  2. Include all parts associated with the CAD documents

  3. All of the items in the change must begin in the same state

  4. ‘Veto States List’ – items in these states won’t be changed

  5. Items with the same base number must have the same revision

  6. None of the seed items may be checked out

  7. Parts must have non-empty values for each attribute defined in the “classification” config

  8. Attributes match the values in ‘Valid Attribute Values’, if defined on the object type Each are configurable by the administrator to be active.

  9. All children of parts in resulting should be same state or higher

The system will execute all enabled rules in sequence, and give a visual indicator if a rule has passed or failed. One or more rule may fail and each will be detailed in the user interface. The administrator may configure the rules to match the requirements of the system e.g valid in work states If the rule has failed the user will be given precise information on the business objects affected and will be able to make any corrections required.


* Initial Release
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