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Name CAD Quick
Wex ID com.wincomplm.cad-quick
Version 1.5
Updated 21st July 2020


The objective of this extension is to give a quick and effective way for the users to download the Primary Content of one or multiple CAD Documents.

The action can be found in the Actions menu for CAD Documents as well as Folders. Additionally a columns can be added to the folder view which will allow for the download of the Primary Content of the CAD on each row with one click.

In order for the download to be successful the CAD must not be an assembly, have no children and have Primary Content.


  • Adds a button to the EPM Documents Actions menu to download Primary Content
  • Adds a button to the Folder Actions menu to download Primary Content of selected CAD Documents as a zip
  • Adds a new column that can be added to the table view for downloading the Primary Content of the CAD Document on that row

User Guide

Download Primary Content of Single CAD

Once the extension has been installed a download can be triggered by opening the Actions menu of a CAD object:


or by editing the folder view to include the new column called CAD Quick Download Column


and pressing on the icon within the new column:


Download Primary Content of Multiple CADs as zip

It is also possible to select multiple CADs within a folder and downloading a zip with their primary content by pressing the new CAD Quick Folder action in the Folder Actions.


This action will collect all selected cads that are eligible for export and put their primary contents in a zip which can then be downloaded through the browser.


The following configuration option is available to allow Assembly download

Warning: The consistency of the model downloaded cannot be assured


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