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Name Description
Name Assembly Where Used
Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-asm-wused-adv
Version 1.4
Updated 5th August 2021


The objective of this extension is to give a quick and effective way for the users to understand the usage of a single part in the system. Includes two views of the data and has customizable views.

It implements all the features of starter


It implements all the features of starter but has the following additional features

  • Export menu
  • Shows top items even if not end items
  • Two modes to display information
  • Includes customizable table

User Guide

It implements all the features of starter in addition this configuration is available.

Full & Flat mode

The data is normally displayed with the assembly an the associated end item on a single line in the UI however (full mode) the modes can be altered with this button to show the data in a single part per line mode (flat mode) that also allows the user to customize the view

The system can be configured to state in either mode.

Full Mode


Flat Mode


Export Menu

A menu to export various formats



In addition to the starter configuration the following options are available to modify the selection of the top part


A mode startup option


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