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Name Assembly Where Used Starter
Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-asm-wused
Version 1.6
Updated 19th July 2020


The objective of this extension is to give a quick and effective way for the users to understand the usage of a single part in the system.

This tool adds a new tab on a part and shows a table of “Assembly Where Used” Parts. This table has the end items that use this part and also show significant assemblies (sometime referred to as Stock Keeping Units SKUs) that uses the target part.

Significant assemblies are Parts that are designated as significant by the administrator, typically as they have a specific soft type or are in a specific level in the hierarchy of the structures.

The use case of this tool is to identify major assemblies that may be impacted by a change to a single part. Users may refer to this table to assess the impact of change.

The algorithm is optimized to perform the recursive search as fast as possible however this table may take some seconds to calculate for parts that are low in a structure and are used by many products.

Latest user guide here


  • Adds an “Assembly Where Used” table that can be added to a custom tab
  • Shows all the “Where Used” End Items in a table.
  • Show the significant assembles that were traversed
  • Can be configured to identify the significant parts by the administrator.

User Guide

Assembly Where Used User Interface

  • For generating a Where Used Table in Windchill go to a Part

  • Add or use an existing custom tab

  • Add the new table from

    Customize > General 


The table shown will have 2 sets of columns, the first is the significant assemblies an the second is the end items associated with those assemblies



There are several configuration options to fine-tune the collection of table data.

The identification of the significant assembly is done using one of two methods

  • Level - The depth of the assemble in the structure
  • Soft type - A type identifying the assembly

In addition the views can be specified, with nothing set all views are valid but in some cases the administrator may wish to specify on certain views are valid for the where used navigation.

This will improve the performance of the search.


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