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Name Description
Name XSB Swiss
Wex ID com.wincomplm.wex-xsb-swiss
Version 1.2
Updated 14th October 2020


This extension turns documents in Windchill into connected and change-aware engineering assets. Enterprise documents, such as part, material and process specifications, purchase descriptions, work instructions, test plans, and others, contain references to a network of internal and external specifications. These references are hidden inside the documents, preventing upstream changes from being recognized, making it impossible to proactively assess the impact of proposed changes, and hindering information flow to dependent documents and processes.

The XSB Swiss Connect extension analyzes documents, from legacy scanned drawings to typical PDF specifications, and links these objects within Windchill to other internal assets and external digital models. XSB Swiss Connect identifies the status of the referenced documents (e.g., changed, cancelled) and notifies the user of outdated dependencies.

Note that this extension allows PDF documents to be sent to an external system.

For more information about XSB Swiss, click here.


  • Automatically creates links to referenced internal and external standards
  • Connects directly with the XSB Swiss Digital Models of Military and Commercial Standards using links within Windchill
  • Analyzes dependencies and learns when they change.
  • Discover what changed for Standards that were converted into Digital Models

User Guide

User Interface

Viewing References

The documentation that are created can be viewed by adding the Swiss tab



Creating References

A user interface action can be used to create and update the references. This will call the Swiss API and create reference documents and links, if they already exist a link will be created.



There are two types of documents types that may be created depending on the version type.

Where Used References

For documents created a where used can show all documents that use this as a reference


Administrator Guide

Workflow Robots

The action to update a document can be triggered by the following workflow robots

For a promotion containing 1 or more documents as the primary business object

com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.api.invoke.WexInvoker.invoke("com.wincomplm.wex-xsb-swiss", "xsb-swiss-workflow.syncPromotionDocuments", self);

For a single document as the primary business object

com.wincomplm.wex.kernel.api.invoke.WexInvoker.invoke("com.wincomplm.wex-xsb-swiss", "xsb-swiss-workflow.syncDocument", self);

Windchill Configuration

IBA Configuration

As site admin create the following attributes

Name Type
SwissSpecContextURI URL
SwissSpecification URL
SwissSpecReleaseDate String
SwissSpecDesignation String
SwissVersionIdentifier String

Soft Type Creation

Using the configuration as a guide create the following document types

Document to Document configurable types

ID Name
xxx.swissReferenceLinkType Reference link type


Document soft types

Create a parent type called SwissDocument

Add all the attributes configured above

ID Name
xxx.swissFileBasedDocumentType File based document type
xxx.swissNumericDocumentType Numeric document type


Note xxx denotes the system provided domain



Add the authentication details provided by Swiss


Soft type configuration

Update the configuration with the types above


State Mapping

Swiss returns states and these must be mapped to states that match the Windchill system



Create a library matching the configuration to hold the documents that will be created by this extension



The following diagnostics can be used to test the interface to swiss and examine the raw data


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